Hardware & Software Solutions



FoxByte Solutions

FoxByte Solutions represents the multitude of techniques we can deploy to expand your organization's infrastructure, increase efficiency, and improve bottom line.

Network Creation, Management, Security

We deliver top-quality technology services and products, for various size organizations within the global marketplace. We help our clients overcome business challenges and realize a desireable return on their technology investment. From residential networking and support to high-level engineering and consulting.

Computer Programming, Ethical Hacking

Specializing in penetration testing specifically information gathering, vulnerability analysis, wireless attacks, password attacks, sniffing and spoofing, reverse engineering, forensics, maintaining access, reporting and hardware hacking.

Web 3.0 Implementation, Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Our design studio specializes in fully-managed websites and responsive design solutions. As we have come a long way from where we started our vision remains the same, great attention to detail with a professional touch.

Research, Design & Development

With local operations in the USA rooting from Florida and clients across the world including Kavala, Greece and Hakodate, Japan. Be the first to learn about future development and have the opportunity to join us as we expand our global operations.