IT & Blockchain Solutions



We are a multi-faceted IT and Blockchain development firm.

Through our unique infrastructure we provide an array of services

for various size organizations within the global marketplace

one byte at a time.

FoxByte Solutions

FoxByte Solutions represents the multitude of techniques we can deploy to expand your organization's infrastructure, increase efficiency, and improve bottom line.

Crypto Mining Management

Network Creation, Management, Security

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Blockchain Technology

Web 3.0 Implementation

Ethical Trading Bots

FoxByte Mining

We provide a way for the world to participate in the global Crypto market by providing both software and hardware solutions. Your returns are based on not only the returns of our mining operation, but also our ethical trading bots.


Mining Technologies
Algorithm - Ethash, Cryptonite v8
Hardware - GTX 1070, BCU 1525


Mining Statistics
Average Hashrate - 200MH/s
Active Miners - 2

Mobile Miner

Design & Development

With local operations in the USA rooting from Florida and plans to expand into Kavala, Greece and Tokyo, Japan. Be the first to learn about future development and have the opportunity to join us as we expand our global operations.


FPGA Development
Global Infrastructure and ETB Deployment


FoxByte LLC Aproval
Local Infrastructure and Global Design


Innseption, Design and Development

Joshua Manley